Sparres Has Been Developing Software and Hardware for 20 Years

We've Delivered Scores of Software, Hardware and Integrated System Solutions to Large and Small Clients in the Electronics, Finance and Telecom Industries


Software Deliveries

    Using Software Programming and Scripting Languages: C++/C, Java, Python, Perl, Bash/Ksh, Matlab, TI-ASM, ARM-ASM, Javascript, HTML
    On Platforms: Linux: RedHat, Ubuntu; SunOS; IBM AIX; TI-DSP/OMAP; ARM11/9/7, BeagleBoard
    Supplying Platform Management: Linux System Configration and Administration, Network Connectivity and Troubleshooting
    Using Software Management and Project Configuration: Bugzilla, Subversion, GIT, Perforce, Clearcase

Hardware Deliveries

    Using Development and Verification Languages: SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL
    With Development and Verification Tools and Resources: ASIC Simulation/Emulation/Co-Model Verification, FPGA Prototypes, Breadboard and PC Board Fabrication

R&D Analyses and Results

    Improved Audio Noise-Cancellation Using Linear-Prediction Techniques and C-Model
    Mixed-Signal ASIC PLL Noise Source Isolation and Matlab Model
    Mixed-Signal ASIC D/A Converter Harmonic Distortion Problem Identification, SPICE Post-Processing C-Model and Relief Proposal