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Computer Science

OS Development:

Gene Expression Programming:

MIT OpenCourseWare Introduction to Algorithms:

MIT Performance Engineering of Software Systems:

MIT Multicore Programming Primer:

MIT Computer System Engineering Video Lectures:

UC Berkeley CS 162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming:

StreamIt: Streaming Systems Programming Language & Compilation Infrastructure:

An Empirical Study of Hyper-Threading in High Performance Computing Clusters:

5 Trillion Digits of Pi - World Record:

Bare Metal OS:



How main() is Executed on Linux:

Linux Kernel Module Programming:

Advanced Linux Programming:

Linux Emulator in a Browser:

Hardware Locality Programming:

Interactive Linux Kernel Diagram:

My Emacs Init file: Get it here



C++ Compile Error/Warning Decryptor:

GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library:



PyBindGen API Reference:

Python Multiprocessing:

Improving Python's Memory Allocator:



Linux Shell Cheat Sheets:

Bash Scripting Tools:

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide:

Bash Reference Manual:

Powerful and Sometimes Obscure Linux Commands:

Interesting Bash Prompts:



Regex Visual Debugger:

Javascript Code Obfuscation: